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 Neuroscience Related Links

  • Society for Neuroscience
    The Society for Neuroscience is a nonprofit membership organization of basic scientists and physicians who study the brain and nervous system. Go to top

  • The Journal of Neuroscience
    The Journal Web site has the full text of each new issue online. This includes the complete text of all articles plus all the figures, tables, and references. Text is available in two forms, HTML (this is the standard format as you see it in most Web browsers) and Adobe Acrobat PDF (which is nearly identical in format to the printed version of the Journal). Go to top

  • American Journal of Psychiatry
    The American Journal of Psychiatry is the most widely read psychiatric journal in the world. Published monthly, it is indispensable for all psychiatrists and other mental health professionals who need to keep up-to-date with all aspects of psychiatry. Go to top

  • JAMA Psychiatry, formerly Archives of General Psychiatry
    The Archives of General Psychiatry strives to publish original, state-of-the-art studies and commentaries of general interest to clinicians, scholars, and research scientists in psychiatry, mental health, behavioral science, and allied fields. The Archives seeks to inform and to educate its readers as well as to stimulate debate and further exploration into the nature, causes, treatment, and public health importance of mental illness. Go to top

    A searchable and browsable index of neuroscience resources available on the Internet: Neurobiology, neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, psychology, cognitive science sites and information on human neurological diseases. Go to top

  • Society of Biological Psychiatry
    The Society of Biological Psychiatry was founded in 1945 to emphasize the medical and scientific study and treatment of mental disorders. Its continuing purpose is to foster scientific research and education and to raise the level of knowledge and comprehension in the field of psychiatry. To achieve its purpose, the Society sponsors an annual meeting, grants awards to distinguished clinical and basic research workers, and publishes the journal, Biological Psychiatry. Go to top

 Brain Atlas Related Links

  • Columbia Brain Atlas
    Home page of this site. This brain atlas provides PET images, MRI images as well as Autoradiogram images for those interested in human brain receptors associated with suicide and depression. Go to top

  • Whole Brain Atlas
    A popular and thorough atlas of the brain. Go to top

  • Digital Anatomist Project
    The long term goal of the Digital Anatomist project is an anatomy information system that is available from any desktop computer on the network. The development of this system is driven by the needs of students learning anatomy, but the system has now evolved to a state where it is used by clinicians as well. Go to top

  • Allen Brain Atlas
    The Allen Brain Atlas project, named for its founder Paul G. Allen, will combine the disciplines of neuroanatomy and genomics to create the most comprehensive map of the brain at the cellular level, illustrating the functional anatomy of the brain through a collection of gene expression maps, brain circuits and cell locations. Go to top

  • The Mouse Brain Library
    The MBL consists of high-resolution images and databases of brains from many genetically characterized strains of mice. Go to top

  • The Visible Human Project
    The Visible Human Project® is an outgrowth of the NLM's 1986 Long-Range Plan. It is the creation of complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of the normal male and female human bodies. Acquisition of transverse CT, MR and cryosection images of representative male and female cadavers has been completed. The male was sectioned at one millimeter intervals, the female at one-third of a millimeter intervals. Go to top

  • Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, UCLA
    LONI was originally established to study cerebral metabolism with the goal of understanding the relationship between brain structure and function using image data. Work progressed into three-dimensional reconstruction and visualization. Go to top

 Suicide Related Links

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
    The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is the only national not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to funding research, developing prevention initiatives and offering educational programs and conferences for survivors, mental health professionals, physicians and the public. Go to top

  • International Academy of Suicide Research
    The Academy was established in order to promote high standards of research and scholarship in the field of suicidal behaviour by fostering communication and co-operation among scholars engaged in such research. Go to top

  • Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression (NARSAD)
    NARSAD is a private, not-for-profit public charity 501(C)(3) organized for the purpose of raising funds for scientific research into the causes, cures, treatments and prevention of severe psychiatric brain disorders, such as schizophrenia and depression. Go to top

  • National Institutes of Health
    The National Institutes of Health (NIH), a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the primary Federal agency for conducting and supporting medical research. Composed of 27 Institutes and Centers, the NIH provides leadership and financial support to researchers in every state and throughout the world.
    For over a century, the National Institutes of Health has played an important role in improving the health of the nation. The NIH traces its roots to 1887 with the creation of the Laboratory of Hygiene at the Marine Hospital in Staten Island, NY. Go to top

  • National Institute of Mental Health
    The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is one of 27 components of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Federal government's principal biomedical and behavioral research agency. NIH is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Go to top

 Columbia Related Links

 Science Related Links

 Programming Related Links

    PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. Go to top

  • Apache Software Foundation
    The Apache Software Foundation provides support for the Apache community of open-source software projects. The Apache projects are characterized by a collaborative, consensus-based development process, an open and pragmatic software license, and a desire to create high quality software that leads the way in its field. Go to top

  • MySQL
    MySQL is a key part of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP / Perl / Python), a fast growing open source enterprise software stack. More and more companies are using LAMP as an alternative to expensive proprietary software stacks because of its lower cost and freedom from lock-in. Go to top

  • BBClone
    BBclone is a web counter written in PHP and gives a detailed view of the visitors of your web site by displaying the nth last users (and the data they provided, like their IP, browser and so on) that visited the web site, not just showing a number of visitors. This is very handy for webmasters that want to see who is visiting their sites, what browser people use, where they came from etc. Go to top

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